October 25, 2019

Seaside California Homes For Sale

Seaside California is one of the very few communities where you can live close to the Pacific Ocean and yet not necessarily break the bank. homes in Seaside California or perfect for family starting out need to live in the Monterey Bay Area. As you may well know, Monterey Bay in Carmel or exclusive high-end Resort and luxury real estate areas. Homes in this area range 2/8 figures. You read that right, 20 million dollars for an estate along the ocean front. However, Seaside, California has three and four-bedroom homes within the budget of even young first-time home buyers. 

Buying Affordable Homes in Seaside

Thirteen districts in Seaside can be Consolidated into for Maine real estate areas. These are South Seaside, Upper East Seaside, North Seaside and Central Seaside. the most desirable neighborhood in Seaside California? Which communities have the most affordable homes? These questions often depend on your own situation and finances and what you need for your family. There’s no better way to find out what home is best for you then to contact a real estate agent who already knows the community like an expert. In this case, the expert has lived in Seaside for decades and often knows about deals even before they become very visible on popular real estate portals. The right realtor means you finding the right home for your wants and needs. Seaside is relatively small for California but very dynamic. The Seaside real estate market can be challenging but Realtor Matt McGrath makes the process simple and easy.

Here’s a little about the communities in Seaside. We will start with South Seaside.¬†

South Seaside Real Estate

This community borders the city of Del Rey Oaks which recover elsewhere. How many homes including the Pacific Heights condo complex are found here. if condo living fits your lifestyle South Seaside probably has just the ticket for your needs.

Upper East  Seaside

You’ll find the most stunning views in the Upper East Seaside neighborhoods, including Highland, Mescal and Del Monte Heights all on the top of the city’s highest hill. This real estate is sought-after perhaps more than any other in the city of Seaside and you will want to be well prepared as far in advance as possible in finding the right home for you. Contact us as soon as possible when you know a home in Upper East Seaside is going to be your choice.

North Seaside

More homes that deserve a much higher price tag than those you will actually find are in the north Seaside Community featuring neighborhoods of Ord Grove, Ord Terrace and Seaside Highlands.¬† These homes are adjacent to Oceanside Greenways as well as popular near dining choices. This community also borders the former US Army’s Fort Ord. This location has been converted into a hub of Education with the California University Monterey Bay and Monterey College of Law as well as Chartwell School for children with learning differences. If education is your focus, then North Seaside may be just the right Community for your new home in the Monterey Bay area.

Central Seaside 

Central Seaside features the business district and if you want a short commute you’ll find a newly renovated Broadway core that is attracting many new businesses and neighborhoods that surround it we have just the perfect home for you. These include Terrace, Noche Buena, Olympia and Hannon.

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